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Do I need a ticketing account to buy tickets?

Is the Account Area safe and secure?

How do I update my contact details?

What do I do if I can’t remember what email address I used to register?

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Why is an email confirmation required after I have registered an account?

Do I have to be a Beef Australia Member to purchase tickets?

I have complimentary tickets included in my Membership. When will I receive these?

Do children under 16 need a ticket to enter the event?

How do I purchase tickets?

How do I access my tickets?

What’s the difference between digital tickets and e-tickets/PDF tickets?

If I'm using the ShowTIcks App to manage digital tickets, can I also use PDF tickets?

Do my tickets have to be printed for entry at the event?

I have purchased tickets for other people, what do I do now?

Why do I need to “name” my PDF tickets?

Why don't I have the option to rename, email or download my PDF tickets?

What can I do if someone I have purchased tickets for can no longer go?

How do I use my E-ticket to gain entry to the event?

Does my social function ticket include General Admission / gate entry?

How do I ensure I sit with friends or colleagues at a social function?

Why can't I buy tickets to the social function I'd like to go to?

Can children go on property tours?

Why can't I email PDF tickets?

How do I access my receipt/tax invoice?

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How do I review your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?

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